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10 Characters From Past Seasons of ‘Arrow’ With More Story to Give

Published on December 29th, 2018 | Updated on December 29th, 2018 | By FanFest

Season 7 saw the exciting return of Talia Al Ghul played by Lexa Doig. Her return surprised many fans as we last saw her stranded on Lian Yu during the thrilling climatic finale of Season 5, presumably dead. We now see she was just severely injured by Chase’s dead man switch. Based on this brilliant use of Arrow’s history, it seems fitting to explore which other characters we last saw in previous seasons but haven’t been seen, heard or mentioned since. Which characters could return one day, should the showrunners, writers and actors see fit?

Rory Regan (Ragman)

We first met Rory in Season 6, played by Joe Dinicol. Initially, a large part of recruitment for new team Arrow centered around Rory’s mystical and rag-like abilities. We learned of his heritage, his ambitions, and his motivations but somehow he didn’t quite cut it into the team that emerged to face Prometheus as he left to explore his own mission.


Portrayed by Kacey Rohl, Alena had a huge character role and brought some depth to Felicity Smoak’s backstory as well as provide the opportunity for female companionship. Together they were power-house hackers and inventors, eventually helping the world and working well together. We last saw Alena in Season 6.

Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

Last time we saw Manu Bennett’s latest crusade as Slade Wilson, he was recruiting Oliver to find his son. Unfortunately, he didn’t like what he found, but this story arc was not completely concluded in Season 6. We briefly encountered Slade’s son during the recent Elseworlds crossover, but what is happening in the mainstream reality? We need more Deathstroke.

Nyssa Al Ghul

We last saw her as she had disbanded the League of Assassin’s following Malcolm Merlyn’s death. But what became of Nyssa after that? Her chemistry with both Sara Lance and Oliver Queen was captivating. Katrina Law left a lasting impression on the Arrow-verse. She’s recently become a new parent to a beautiful little girl so she is currently understandably busy but hopefully, we will see her again in Arrow in future seasons. 

Helena Bertinelli (The Huntress)

Helena Bertinelli was an interesting and multi-layered character. Her motivations were sometimes unclear but she was a likable character and a fantastic challenge for Oliver Queen. We mostly saw her in Season 1 although she has popped up randomly a few seasons since then. She’s currently locked up in prison but we’ve recently seen that prison walls don’t always hold super-inmates for long…

Deadshot (Floyd Lawton)

Much loved and revered for his portrayal of the character, Michael Rowe bought Deadshot to life in Arrow. In a comic-accurate portrayal of both Deadshot and the Suicide Squad, the super-hero masquerading as a super-villain last held the spotlight in Season 3. He’s currently dead in the Arrowverse due to sacrificing himself for the sake of the team and to the heartbreak of Carrie Cutter, but in a comic-adaption anything is possible. We already know that there is an Earth-2 version of Floyd Lawton working for the CCPD who is very much alive and kicking.

Sin (Cindy)

Played by Bee Taylor-Klaus, Sin was feisty, powerful and a strong-minded presence on the show. Teamed with Sara Lance in Season 2, her backstory was inspired and the pair had great chemistry on screen. Friends with Roy Harper and later a confidant to Thea, we last saw her back in Season 3. If not in Arrow, it would be great to see her reappear in Legends of Tomorrow, particularly as Sara seems to make a habit of digging up her own past. 

Donna Smoak

Felicity’s mother played by Charlotte Ross was last seen briefly back in Season 6. Granted, she ended up playing on and off love interest to Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance but I wonder how long it will be before Felicity urgently needs some parental advice.

Dinah Lance

We’ve seen Laurel and Sara’s father as the much-loved Quentin Lance regularly throughout Arrow but we haven’t seen their mother since Season 4 except briefly at the aftermath of Olicity’s wedding. She lost her daughter, Laurel and was devastated, but we haven’t seen Dinah’s reaction to losing her ex-husband, especially when the last time that they met Quentin told her he would always love her! Earth-2’s Laurel is masquerading in the public eye as Dinah’s daughter. It would be interesting if Earth-2 Laurel and Earth-1 Dinah were to meet. How would Dinah react to seeing her daughter alive again, especially after Dinah’s resurrection? When would she realize it wasn’t her Laurel?

Walter Steele

These parental figures don’t stick around for long, although our characters are now fully-fledged adults. Back in season 2, Walter Steele was pretty much the father figure that Thea and Oliver Queen always needed. He genuinely cared for them and tried to do the best for them. He left soon after Moira Queen’s betrayal, but he is still alive and well in the Arrow-verse.

Which characters would you like to see return to Arrow? Let us know in the comments.

Arrow Season 7 is currently on mid-season hiatus but will return in 2019.


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