Leave Your Red Balloon at the Door Because Bill Skarsgård is About to Star in a New Thriller

We may all be anxiously awaiting for the IT sequel to start filming, but Pennywise is turning in his creepy clown outfit and red balloon for the time being as Bill Skarsgård is set to star in a new thriller titled Villains alongside It Follows star Maika Monore. The film, which was featured on the 2016 Black List, will certainly have you wondering what it is to be a villain as a "pair of amateur criminals (Skarsgård & Monroe) break into a suburban home, only to stumble upon a young girl chained in the basement and two...
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Video Exclusive: Yara Martinez Talks Being a Supervillain on “The Tick”

The Tick star Yara Martinez caught up with Fan Fest News which visiting New York Comic Con this past weekend. We discussed Ms. Lint's origin story, the future of evil, and she even teased a possible reunion between her and Bridget Regan's characters on Jane the Virgin. Grab several powdered donuts and DIG IN! ________________________ They all crumbled by end day @McKenzieLyn here's a selfie me gracefully devouring one trying to avoid a powder mess — Yara Martinez (@yaritafrita) October 8, 2017...
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Myth-ful Monday: Do Villains have ‘Rules’ on who they Kill, Capture or Fight?

There have been several myths and tales that spread across social media when it comes to certain topics. Whether it be about Superheroes, Food, or whether or not your neighbors down the street are secretly vampires (or maybe that's just a me thing), everyone has some sort of theory or myth that they believe in. A lot of my theories or rather, 'mythful' thinking comes from watching TV Shows or Movies. Whenever I watch a movie that has either a super villain, horror villain or just your stereotypical generic 'bad...
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