John Cena Drags Jet For Charity

John Cena has proven that he is one tough cookie, but is he tough enough to face a jet? To raise money for the American Cancer Society, Cena participated in the Atlanta Airport's Seventh Annual Jet Drag. He and a team pulled a 167,000 pound jet 20 feet. Each year, participants form groups to play tug of war with jets. The idea for this came from Delta Airlines, manager of maintenance, Terry Waldrop. "The motivation was for my father...We just lost him last year. He got cancer in 1997."Waldrop continued. "When we were celebrating his five year anniversary of survivorship, not a month later I had to call and...

Jennifer Lopez’s New ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ Video

Last Friday, Jennifer Lopez dropped the music video for her new song, Ain't Your Mama. The video mirrors the strong feminist message of the song and shows Lopez as different under-appreciated women through the years, from the 1950's to the 1980's. Each woman portrayed by Lopez eventually stands up to her oppressors and the video ends with Lopez, backed by a group of modern day women, dancing in the streets. The song has a catchy, dance vibe which we've come to expect from Jennifer Lopez but, the message of this...
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