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‘The Current War’ Trailer See’s Benedict Cumberbatch in an Electrifying Feud

Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t only have a love for playing characters that allure mystery, but he has the natural talent of playing men of scientific intelligence. Having previously portrayed Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, the Sherlock actor is now stepping into the shoes of Thomas Edison, a historical genius who developed the light bulb, among other successes such as the invention of the motion picture camera. The Current War takes us on a journey, which delves into the bitter rivalry between two significant intellects, who are eager to be...

Tom Holland on ‘Infinity War’: No One is Ready for that Movie

The MCU is the talk of the entertainment industry right now with Spider-Man: Homecoming just days away from its big debut, and Black Panther as well as  Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters in early 2018. In Infinity War, the Avengers will face their most powerful enemy yet and it'll take more superheroes than ever to try to save the light in the world. While the plot is staying secret, no one involved can say much - if anything - about their characters or what part they're playing in the film; we do...

Before He Was Spider-Man: A Look at Tom Holland’s Impressive 5 Year Film Career

When Marvel finally got the rights to Spider-Man back, the biggest challenge ahead of them would be casting the perfect Peter Parker. The Spidey suit has been worn by both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who each brought their own take to the character, but neither fully lived up to the high expectations that audiences had always craved for the youthful web slinger. That is until Captain America: Civil War came out and Tom Holland flew onto the scene, making his official debut as Marvel's new Spider-Man. People went nuts. Literally, people in my...
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