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Tom Felton Not Returning for ‘The Flash’ Season 4

Tom Felton Not Returning for The Flash Season 4 Tom Felton joined The Flash cast in Season 3 as Julian Alpert, a rival forensic scientist at CCPD following the creation of Flashpoint. Julian ended up being Alchemy and opened the path for Savitar's return. But when The Flash returns for Season 4 and picks up six months later, Julian will not be in the picture. Entertainment Weekly has learned that Felton won't be returning as a series regular and there's no news if he will have part in the upcoming...

VIEW: First Look at Daisy Ridley in ‘Ophelia’

Daisy Ridley is taking on Hamlet and she looks fantastic! Along with Naomi Watts, Ridley is leading the cast of Ophelia, playing the titular character herself. A new take on Shakespeare's story, the film is "set in the 14th century but spoken in a contemporary voice," said producer Daniel Bobker. "There's something extra precious in bringing to life a treasured female icon, celebrated for centuries as an alluring figure in the shadows of Shakespeare's most famous work, without ever really having her own story told." In addition to Ridley and...

Tom Felton Shows Off His Slytherin Pride With Jesse L. Martin

From moment one when Tom Felton was announced to be in The Flash, we all had that moment. That moment that our hearts started racing and we wanted to squeak out a sound in excitement (don't worry, we've all been there). A picture appeared on Instagram, after Tom Felton and co-star Jesse L. Martin were spotted Harry Potter Film Concert Series where they were screening Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, with a funny caption like 'Yeah, we did'. He also tagged Chris Columbus, the director of the first two Harry Potter movies...
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