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All the Actors Replacing our Favorite Characters on ‘The Crown’

The Crown is one of Netflix's biggest hits, having been nominated for best Drama series 2 years in a row, and taking home the award in 2017. The show's star Claire Foy, who has portrayed Queen Elizabeth II beautifully for the past 2 seasons just won best Actress in a Drama series at the 2018 SAG Awards. Not only has she been amazing, but her counterpart Matt Smith as Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh was simply lovable. Vanessa Kirby brought boldness, sass and a real pain to Princess Margaret as well....

Is Paul Bettany Next In Line For ‘The Crown’?

Netflix's enticing series The Crown, based on the dramatics behind the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has rapidly become a binge-worthy hit. Given that each riveting season covers the span of a decade, the characters age before our eyes, therefore, resulting in a decision to replace the entire cast heading into season 3. Fans eager to know who will be filling the roles of their beloved characters are sure to be delighted that, per a source for The Hollywood Reporter, actor Paul Bettany is closing in on a deal to play Prince Philip. Paul...
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