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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’

Remember at the end of last season when Sheldon's mom and Leonard's dad shared a cab and were flirting? Yeah Sheldon is still freaking out about that. "Your parents are old, anything unspeakable would be finished by 9:30. Go to sleep!"- Penny Sheldon eventually gets to sleep and the next morning, Penny is off to get her family but Beverly stops her to announces that she cannot come to the wedding. Penny gets her to stay by saying that if she leaves then Alfred will know he got under her...
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Mayim Bialik: The biggest Trekkie on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

There is no question that The Big Bang Theory is a show that Trekkies would love, and Trekkies even star in the show! Stellar! Believe it or not, Mayim Bialik is the biggest Trekkie in the cast! Well, Sheldon has everyone beat, but in the real world, Bialik's fandom is out of this world! In honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary and throwback Thursday, we're going to look back at the time Mayim did a photo shoot proving that she was the biggest Trekkie ever. Mayim transformed herself into some of the sci-fi series'...
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Katey Sagal is joining The Big Bang Theory

Katey Sagal has been cast as Penny's mom, Susan,  in the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory! And Jack McBrayer will be joining on as Penny's brother, Randall.  These two along with Wyatt, Penny's father, complete the family. “We are finally going to meet more of Penny’s family,” executive producer Steve Molaro said. “We’re going to be meeting Penny’s mom and her brother in the first episode back. We’re super excited that Katey Sagal will be playing Penny’s mom.” Susan is  “stressed out and neurotic from a life with her...
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