5 Books That Were A Total Letdown

‘Sup readers? Have you ever had the experience of being Spongebob-level excited to dive into a book (and I’m talking like passing up plans to stay home and read or anxiously checking the tracking number until the coveted book arrives at your doorstep), only to morph into Squidward by the end? Yeah. It happens. The worst is when it happens to you over a book you were sure you’d be extolling the virtues of to friends, family, and the world at large via the internet. But it happens. Everyone’s reading...
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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind’

iZombie is back this week, with three major bombshells. We start off the episode with a coffee shop murder, and let’s just say I was immediately enjoyed this version of the show that was hyped up on caffeine. It made the show whisk by in the blink of an eye in the best possible way. I think they finally found their groove again this week, which is good considering my mediocre opinion of it last week. The murder mystery was pretty awesome too, spoiler alert the murder gets away with...