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‘Supernatural’ Preview ‘Hell’s Angel’

Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Earth... doesn't matter what level of existence you are living on, things are about to get ugly on 'Supernatural'. The battle between good and evil, Heaven and Hell, or whatever you want to call it is in full swing when the show airs next Wednesday. The boys are back on the hunt for the Darkness and by the looks of the promo below, Crowley is back and ready to help the Winchesters find the next Hand of God.   Castiel is still being used by Lucifer, and...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Red Meat’

Before we jump into the recap for the latest episode of Supernatural, I have to ask you a question. Is it just me, or has Sam been pushing the idea of hunting on Dean a lot lately? I feel like the last few weeks, Sam has been the one suggesting a case, or pulling them away from researching ways to deal with the Amara, Lucifer, Cas problem that's happening.   Is Sam just trying to keep them sharp and busy? Maybe he is scared there really is no solution, so...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Safe House’

‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Safe House’   Hellatus is finally over, which means the boys are back and out on a hunt! Don't get me wrong, that is great news. However, I was most excited for this episode for another big reason - the return of Jim Beaver's Bobby Singer! While we were impatiently waiting, the Winchesters were on a bit of a hiatus themselves. After several weeks of no leads on well, anything, Sam catches wind of a case where a child ends up in a mysterious coma. Donned in their...
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‘Supernatural’ Preview – ‘Safe House’

'Supernatural' Preview - 'Safe House'   Supernatural is finally back this week, and I for one am very excited! Any extended break from the brothers is never fun, and while reruns work for a time, there is nothing like a brand new episode to look forward too. But, when that new episode includes a familiar face, its just that much better.   Bobby is back this week in 'Safe House'! I am a big fan of Jim Beaver, and have missed him ever since his early demise way back when...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Beyond the Mat’

'Supernatural' Recap 'Beyond the Mat'   It was another week on Supernatural where the boys are somewhat lost and burnt out from looking for The Darkness. After Dean stumbles upon an obituary of a wrestler that they saw when they were kids on the amateur wrestling circuit, the brothers decide to take a little road trip to go pay their respects.   It doesn’t take long to see how much the guys used to love going to these matches with Papa Winchester. Dean still remembered a lot of the wrestlers,...
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