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Fan Favorite’s Return to ‘Supernatural’ Could Be the Answer to Their Prayers

Fan Favorite's Return to 'Supernatural' Could Be the Answer to Their Prayers   Earlier today I saw an article on TVLine that a Supernatural fan favorite will be returning at the end of this season. Rob Benedict, who played the prophet Chuck Shirley, will be reprising his role as the all-knowing force that a lot of fans assume to be the big man himself. The last we saw Chuck, he popped in during the last few minutes of the show's 200th episode "Fan Fiction". His appearance in Supernatural's love letter...
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‘Supernatural’ Preview “The Vessel”

'Supernatural' Preview "The Vessel"   On the next episode of Supernatural, the story will get back around to Lucifer in his shiny new vessel. Dean will once again travel back in time when he is sent back to retrieve a key piece of the puzzle in Lucifer's plan to stop Amara. r & nbsp; LUCI FER (AS CASTIEL) SENDS DEAN BACK IN TIME – Hoping to find a weapon powerful enough to defeat Amara (guest star Emily Swallow), Dean (Jensen Ackles) convinces “Castiel,” (Misha Collins) who is still...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Love Hurts’

'Supernatural' Recap 'Love Hurts'   Dean and Sam are once again faced with a holiday ripe with blood, death and a witch on the warpath on this episode of Supernatural. In the midst of his Valentine’s Day celebration, Dean is coerced into checking out a case with his brother Sammy. An unfaithful husband (Dan Harper) is caught on the nanny cam not only kissing the sitter, but later ripping her heart out of her chest. Dean is quick to realize that it wasn’t the actual husband by the tell-tale sign...
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‘Supernatural’ Preview: ‘Love Hurts’

'Supernatural' Preview: 'Love Hurts'   On the next episode of Supernatural, Dean’s favorite day has come around again, and it’s a bloody good one. People are dying and the common denominator is that they are all missing a heart. Is it just that they hate Valentine’s Day or is there a monster on the prowl looking to feast on those who wear their heart on their sleeves? This is the show’s second venture into the Day of Love, the last one being centered on Cupid. Remember that jolly fellow? I...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’

Supernatural Recap "Don't You Forget About Me" It’s old home week on this episode of Supernatural… “Don’t You Forget About Me” was a fun way to see Jodi Mills again, as her presence is one of the last few links to the Supernatural of the past. The boys being back in Sioux Falls and working with Jodi always makes me think of Bobby, and what almost was. Not to mention the fact that she is one of their last friends who is still breathing. In the last couple years, Jodi...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Into The Mystic’

Dean is Brought to His Knees in the Latest Episode of Supernatural. The brothers are back on a case in this week’s episode of Supernatural, and it’s an old one. Thirty years ago in Cork County, Ireland, a man is suddenly struck by a high pitched screaming in his head. Pleading, “Get it out of my head!” he begins banging his head against the wall until he is a bloody pile. Lights flicker, then it appears. A ghostly looking woman in blood red robes, flowing hair and a long, snake-like...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘Baby’

This episode was easily one of my favorites of not just this season so far, but of the last two seasons. A good, old fashioned monster-of- the-week case, the brothers on the road, and their greatest weapon, Baby, was featured in a way that she’s never been featured before! If you haven’t watched, read on, but make sure to go back and watch this episode told completely from Baby’s point of view! The episode begins with Dean tied up in the back seat of the Impala. Bloody and beaten, hands...
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‘Supernatural’ Recap ‘The Bad Seed’

Sam and Dean try to find a cure for Castiel, Crowley takes Amara to demon school and Rowena tries to recruit other witches for her Mega Coven. Just catching up? No problem, here is a quick recap of what went down: Dean, Sam and Castiel – Looking for a Cure: Dean can’t stop thinking about his encounter with the Darkness, but right now they have something more pressing: finding Metatron to try and save Castiel from Rowena’s curse. After Cas showed up in the bunker looking for help, they exhaust...
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