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FIRST LOOK! ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Extended Preview For Season 3 Released

An extended preview for season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead was recently released and it gives fans more details of what to expect for the upcoming season. The preview reveals a new location in Baja California, Mexico. The set is where our survivors will find refuge, after reuniting, and is designed by 'doomsday preppers' who were contimplating the end of the world and wanted to be ready for, if and when, it happened. The question is...Can you trust these new people? As we have learned from past seasons of...
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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Sneak Peak ‘Ouroboros’

AMC has released a sneak preview for next Sunday's episode of Fear The Walking Dead, titled 'Ouroboros' (Try saying that one five times fast!) :) Madison confronts Strand about his mysterious destination. Nick, Alicia, and others inspect wreckage from a plane crash. Fear The Walking Dead has really kicked things up in their second episode; tackling some pretty emotional and heart-stopping scenarios. I certainly was very impressed with this past episode! It would appear as though Strand is being ever so mysterious, once again. The question is again asked... can...