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Steven Spielberg isn’t on board with a Carls Jr. ‘Spielburger’

Steven Spielberg is likely celebrating right now. Ready Player One celebrates its early opening tonight and fans are already in theaters to see the film. With any new film comes promo, most often with the knowledge of all involved with the project. For Ready Player One, a restaurant decided to get in on the promo themselves and 'rename' their burger after Spielberg himself. When Carl's Jr. tried to create a pun using Spielberg's name, he shut that s*** down. Can anyone say that now without channeling their inner Negan? Anyway,...

Steven Spielberg Turning Focus to ‘Indiana Jones 5’

In 2016, iconic director Steven Spielberg voiced that he and Harrison Ford made plans to bring Indiana Jones back to the screens for a fifth movie installment. Since then, the film was given a target release date for the year 2020 - since then the news has been pretty limited. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg has plans to move onto set by early 2019 so that he can finally begin his work on the blockbuster. The site reports that casting is already underway for his movie after that, a...
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Tom Hanks Wins The Golden Globes by Serving Martinis

If there was an award given out on Sunday night during the Golden Globes for "Nicest Guy in the World," there's no doubt that award would go to Tom Hanks. Further proving his "Nicest Guy" status, Hanks was caught in a candid moment during a commercial break taking advantage of the evening's open bar.  This is Us creator Dan Fogelman snapped the below picture of Hanks carrying a serving tray filled with martinis and serving the drinks to his fellow actors.  In Fogelman's photo, you can see director Steven Spielberg who...
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