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7 Reasons to Watch Australian Hit Show ‘Wentworth’ on Netflix

You’ve heard of Orange is the New Black. But have you heard of Wentworth? Like its American counterpart, Wentworth delves into the hardships of life in a women’s correctional facility. It’s a dark and gritty drama that, with each episode, makes you question what you would (and wouldn’t) do to maintain your humanity under the extreme duress of prison life. A re-imagining of the 1980’s Aussie TV show Prisoner, Wentworth is one of Australia's most critically acclaimed programs. To date, it’s been viewed in over 90 countries and continues to gain momentum...
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Fan Fest EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About… ‘Wentworth’ Star Socratis Otto

Article Contains Spoilers Season five of Wentworth is rumored to air in Australia May 2017, and if past reports indicate the future of when America will get their hands on it, well, it could be a while. Yes, that's practically the worst possible news EVER for us folks in the U.S. waiting with baited breath to see if our beloved Bea is really, dare I say, gone. Not to mention the fate of Joan “the Freak” Ferguson hangs in the balance after that little stunt (aka cold blooded murder… again) she pulled in...