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Season 6 of ‘Vikings’ Approved Prior to Season 5 Premiere

While we all eagerly wait for the season 5 premiere of Vikings, we can rest easy with Tuesday's announcement that there will be a season 6! Unlike other shows that have to wait it out until after their season airs in order to find out whether or not they will be continuing, History has already ordered 20 episodes for season 6. If we could, we would hug them right about now! The series will head back to Ireland to begin production in the fall. In season 4, the show made...
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Let’s Breakdown ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Trailer

Fans were pretty surprised when The Walking Dead released a 5-minute long trailer at their San Diego Comic-Con panel. It was probably the longest one that they've ever released and there was definitely a lot to digest. I decided to dig into the trailer and see if I could find any clues as to what we can expect for the show's 8th season. I also found some pretty fun easter eggs as well! **Now, I am not a comic book reader so this is a "comic-free" breakdown. However, I am going to...
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