Sir Patrick Stewart Might be Returning to ‘Star Trek’

Sir Patrick Stewart may be beaming back into his captain's uniform. CBS recently announced their intent on expanding the Star Trek franchise under the Star Trek: Discovery, co-creator/executive producer Alex Kurtzman. Kurtzman is said to have signed a five-year deal to expand the franchise. One of these expansions involves Sir Patrick Stewart returning to play Jean-Luc Picard. Sir Patrick Stewart is seemingly keen on the idea of reprising Captain Picard but this is all considered to be a rumor. He has expressed interested in regards to Quentin Tarantino's films but has notably differentiated them from the...
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Angela Lansbury is NOT joining Game of Thrones

Murder, she did write, just not in Westeros. Sadly the rumor that Angela Lansbury was joining Game of Thrones is false. At the time, it seemed plausible that Lansbury would be joining the cast, seeing that the show is full of British talent. The rumor began over Labor Day weekend. The original source was a German website for tabloid newspaper Bild, which is described on Wikipedia as “notorious for its mix of gossip, inflammatory language, and sensationalism.” One thing that is true is that Jim Broadbent ( Professor Slughorn in the Harry...