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Robert Pattinson on Twilight: He Almost lost the Role and he Holds no Resentment Towards Playing Edward

Sometimes in the entertainment industry; an actor or actress, musician or band, artist or athlete, or anyone else has a start or a 'big break' that they grow to resent as their career path takes off. They've got that 'embarrassing' role or song or moment and at the time, it was everything they could have hoped for, however, something happens and it's suddenly a blip on an otherwise positive career. A lot of the time, these celebrities will try to avoid talking about those moments or laugh them off and...

Robert Pattinson on his Changed Appearance for ‘Good Time’ Film

Robert Pattinson doesn’t care about being a ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ - he doesn’t act for the fame and fortune that goes along with it. After the Twilight films, he began taking on roles very different than that of Edward Cullen and in films that had much deeper storylines. He went from an acting role to getting to play a character in stories. That’s not to say that the Twilight films didn’t have their place in the entertainment world, it’s just not the place Robert wants to be in himself. With films...
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