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Let’s Rank Some of The CW and The WB’s Epic Love Triangles

If you are a fan of The CW then you are probably quite familiar with their abundant amount of love triangles. Prior to the network's extensive superhero universe (and even is there as well) love triangles were a key component of drama in some of it's most popular shows. These love triangles often sparked heated debates and Team "insert boy name here" shirts. A lot of these love triangles are still relevant today thanks to streaming channels and revivals. Let's take a look at some of the more iconic love...

Lili Reinhart Addresses Mental Health by Sharing her story with Depression

We've focused on some celebrities this month who are speaking out about mental health for mental health awareness month. In May, organizations and charities get together and try to start the necessary conversations to change the stigma around mental health and to make help something more attainable for everyone.Lili Reinhart The thing with celebrities speaking out is that their platform allows them to reach so many people all at once, but maybe more importantly than that, they've got so many people that look up to them. When you've got fans...
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Cole Sprouse Gives Some ‘Riverdale’ Intel in a Reddit AMA & Releases Huge Behind the Scenes Photo Album

If you've been watching the new CW hit Riverdale, then you are most likely a huge fan of Cole Sprouse's portrayal of Archie comic favorite, Jughead. In keeping with his hilarious and always genuinely thoughtful personality Sprouse took to the Riverdale subreddit to answer some burning fan questions about his character, the show itself, and more. Cole is also a super talented photographer (just check out his Instagram account). In addition to his AMA, Cole also released an album of over 50 behind the scenes photos that he's taken around set. Check out below to see some of the...
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