Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Hits Netflix September 30th

We're just a week away from season two of Daredevil hitting our screens and, finally, we've got an idea when to expect the newest Netflix series to debut on the streaming service. Last night at the Daredevil red carpet premiere in New York City actor Mike Colter revealed his solo series, Luke Cage, will debut this September. Originally the show was pegged to arrive in early November but with Marvel's slate at Netflix only growing, Marvel and Netflix set the streaming date sooner than fans expected. “Its going to be...
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Daredevil ‘Season 2 Trailer-Part II’

No Justice, Without Vengeance. The Season 2, Part 2 Trailer of the Netflix Original TV Series is now live!   Lo oks as though not only will be be getting The Punisher this season, but we will also be introduced to Elektra! I certainly do love the new, red suit! Season 2 certainly holds promise to be amazing! Season 2 of Daredevil will air on March 18th on Netflix!  ...

Box Office Billions

A Look Back at Film Successes of 2015 “A million dollars isn’t cool…you know what is? 11 billion dollars.” 35 years ago moviegoers were all dressed up and lining up for days to see Empire Strikes Back at their local cinema (sound familiar?) for a mere $2.69 per ticket. Empire went on to push the 1980 yearly box office to around $2.7 billion. It’s now 2016. Movie tickets cost around $9; but, you have options (IMAX, Big D, D-Box, 3D, exclusive engagements, etc). But, the staggering number that comes straight...
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