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Lena Headey in Talks to Star in ‘Banking on Mr. Toad’

From "The Winds of Winter" to "The Wind in the Willows". Lena Headey, who currently stars as Cersei on Game of Thrones, is in talks to star in the film Banking on Mr. Toad, which is a live-action/CGI film about Kenneth Grahame, the author of the popular children's novel The Wind in the Willows. Toby Kebbell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) is already attached to star as Kenneth Grahame and if Headey signs on she would be playing his wife Elsie. Brian Blessed (Star Wars Episode 1) is also signed on to play...

Milo Ventimiglia Joins Jennifer Lopez’s New Romantic-Comedy ‘Second Act’

Hold on to your shoes people, Jennifer Lopez is going to star in a new romantic comedy! Back in the day, Lopez was the queen of the rom-com and starred in some heartwarming films such as Maid in Manhattan and The Wedding Planner. However, in recent years she's taken on more serious roles in both film and TV and hasn't released a feel-good romance since 2010's The Break Up Plan. She also appeared in 2012's What to Expect When You're Expecting. Well, that's all about to change as Lopez is officially starring in a new rom-com titled Second...

Bette Midler Is Not Here For the ‘Hocus Pocus’ Remake

Many Halloween lovers would probably go on record saying that Hocus Pocus is a cinematic treasure that should forever remain untouched. However, Disney Channel does not agree as they have plans to remake the holiday staple into a TV movie. While that may excite some Hocus Pocus fans who want to see their favorite characters and songs reimagined, chances are the news is a little irritating and worrisome to most. One person who is most certainly not on board is Better Midler, who played the lead witch of the Sanderson sisters Winifred....

Gwyneth Paltrow is Officially in the Lead for Best Celebrity Halloween Costume

"What's in the box?" If you don't hear or see Brad Pitt screaming "What's in the box?" everytime you or someone else mutters this famous movie line then you need to go rent the movie Seven (sometimes Se7en) ASAP. Also, if you haven't seen the movie yet, you should stop reading this article because there are major spoilers ahead.  We may still be one day away from Halloween, but it's starting to look like Gwyneth Paltrow may be in the lead for best celebrity costume.Paltrow posted a photo of her costume online and to be honest,...
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