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‘The Current War’ Trailer See’s Benedict Cumberbatch in an Electrifying Feud

Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t only have a love for playing characters that allure mystery, but he has the natural talent of playing men of scientific intelligence. Having previously portrayed Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, the Sherlock actor is now stepping into the shoes of Thomas Edison, a historical genius who developed the light bulb, among other successes such as the invention of the motion picture camera. The Current War takes us on a journey, which delves into the bitter rivalry between two significant intellects, who are eager to be...

Michael Shannon Reportedly Top Choice To Play Cable

After many casting rumors regarding who will play Cable in Deadpool 2, it seems that Michael Shannon has a very high possibility of landing the role. Variety reported that while the deal is not set in stone yet, he's been the top choice at Fox for a week. So far, Stranger Things' David Harbour has been the only actor on the growing list to play Cable that was actually screen tested by Fox earlier this month. Although Cable's casting is the one on everyone's mind, Atlanta's Zazie Beetz was recently...