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‘Wynonna Earp’ Star Katherine Barrell on Exposing Gooverly, and Officer Haught’s Slight Shift in Season 2

SyFy’s bold hit series Wynonna Earp is keeping things #WayHaught in the tiny town of Purgatory with fan-favorite couple Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Nicole (Katherine Barrell). Despite being kept out of the Black Badge Division, taunted by the town’s resident weirdo, and being manipulated by Demon Goo-infested Earp sisters, Officer Nicole Haught finally (thank the Donut Gods) received some long overdue affirmation from Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson), who revealed he’d been priming the young deputy to take over as Sheriff once he retires. It’s about damn time! Nedley’s life-changing announcement...
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Paranormal Prodigy: ‘Wynonna Earp’ Star Melanie Scrofano Talks Season 2 Secrets

Everyone’s favorite paranormal prodigy is back, and the fearless folks over at Wynonna Earp are taking dysfunctional to a whole new level in Season 2. If you thought Season 1 was jam-packed full of horror, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The SyFy series chronicles the life of Wyatt Earp’s gunslinging great granddaughter as she and her devoted clan battle demons, and giant spiders and possessed sisters, oh my! Now that any celestial entity can enter the once protected Ghost River Triangle-- they’re all f’ed. Well, not entirely, but let’s just...