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Louis Tomlinson Rocks ‘Summer’s Hottest Sportswear’ and We’re Demanding a Modeling Contract

Louis Tomlinson is one of those people who could make anything look attractive, and just a day after his vulnerable interview with Observer Magazine, The Guardian posted photos from a recent shoot where Louis modeled some of this summer's hottest sportswear and proved our beginning statement. Louis posted a preview of an awesome shoot on his Instagram profile not long ago and fans went crazy for it. Fans have said, for years, that Louis should model - be it his outfits on stage, red carpet looks, or photo shoot wear...

Louis Tomlinson Gives Honest and Open interview with Observer Magazine

Casual fans of One Direction - and even some long-time fans may be surprised by some of Louis Tomlinson's recent interview, but long-time fans of Louis...well...they've known most of it for years. From the way he lacked confidence when One Direction was formed to channeling strength from his mom; he opened up about the last six years more candidly with Observer Magazine than has ever been seen from him before. One of the takeaway statements he makes in the interview is that at first, he didn't know what he was...

Louis Tomlinson’s Next Single is Titled #NextToYou Featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals

Fans of Louis Tomlinson are currently on cloud nine as he took to Instagram moments ago to announce the title of his next single. The track, Back To You, is 'coming soon' and will feature Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals. The Instagram post is a still shot from the day that Louis and Bebe filmed the on location video in Louis' hometown. There were social media posts of Louis with fans at a stadium that holds a lot of importance to Louis and fans have been anxious to see...