11 Netflix Movies That Are Perfect for a Lazy Sunday

Captain America: Civil War Nothing beats a good superhero flick and Captain America: Civil War is just that. It's basically a mini Avengers movie, has a great plot, and some totally awesome action scenes. Not to mention there's a lot of humor, which makes it a well-balanced watch and there's Spiderman. Case closed. Trolls Trolls makes for a really fun lazy Sunday watch. If you're looking for something cute and upbeat with a great soundtrack, this is the perfect movie. It's got the voices of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake with a...

Five Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch on Netflix in July

With just a few days left in the month of June, Netflix announced what viewers can expect to see added to its lineup in July and we are excited. There are a few films headed to Netflix that we don't ever get tired of, a few that tear up our hearts, and even a few that keep us laughing. While we haven't yet looked at what's leaving the streaming service, because sometimes that totally bums us out, these are five of the films we're most looking forward to having on...