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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Tender is the Nate’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview 'Tender is the Nate' The Legends are picking up an extra crew member this week as Henry comes aboard to figure out why the Time Bureau is in such a deficit. In the trailer, Henry flat out tells the Legends that their methods don't seem very efficient. First, I'm also confused as to how the Legends are costing so much money when they aren't getting paid and they have a ship from the future that can just make anything they need. Or perhaps the Bureau is...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Tagumo Attacks!!!’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap 'Tagumo Attacks!!!' The Legends are off to 1950s Tokyo when they hear word of a giant monster in Tokyo Bay. If left alone, it will destroy the city. Mick and the ladies tackle the monster while Ray tries to figure out a way to heal Constantine, who hasn't fully recovered from saving the kid last week. Ray believes that the only way to save him is to find Nora. In Tokyo, the team discovers that the monster, Tagumo, isn't a creature of magic. It is really...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Tagumo Attacks!!!’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview 'Tagumo Attacks!!!' The Legends are off to Tokyo where a new mystical creature is attacking from the sea. This octopus would give Godzilla a run for his money, and it is definitely the biggest Fugitive the Legends have yet faced. All I know is that there are going to be a whole lot of jokes in reference to Godzilla and Jaws. It looks like it might just be the girls heading out to take on the octopus, which would be kinda cool. It will be interesting...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Wet Hot American Bummer’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview 'Wet Hot American Bummer' The Legends are headed back to the 90s as a monster is attacking a summer camp. Posing as camp counselors, they have to protect the kids and stop whatever is out there in the lake. For once, Constantine is playing along with the "age-appropriate" costumes. The trailer shows the first time we'll see him out of his signature trench coat while in the field. Joining the Legends this week is Ava. It's been a while since she's gone on a mission with...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Dancing Queen’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap 'Dancing Queen' The Legends are off to London to stop a punk rock band from destroying the British Monarchy. Constantine thinks that the magical creature leading the band if a leprechaun, but the team isn't sure which member is the fugitive. Their plan is to infiltrate the band and find out who. Things don't quite goes as planned when Constantine and Mick get into a fight. The band flees the scene and find their escape car, which is just Ray waiting for the other Legends to...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Dancing Queen’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview 'Dancing Queen' The Legends are off to London where punk rock is going to destroy everything. The team will have to infiltrate the underground and figure out a way to stop the gang spreading the "devil's music." Ray doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the whole idea from the trailer, but the episode synopsis reveals that he is the one to become a part of the gang. He will enlist the help of Sara and Rory in order to gain the enemy's trust. While all of this...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Witch Hunt’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap 'Witch Hunt' After Ray retools the time seismograph to detect magic anomalies, the Legends are alerted to their new mission. They find themselves in Salem, Massachusetts, during the height of the witch trials. Sara, Ray, and Zari witness the villagers condemning Jane Hawthorne for being a witch. She is bound and gagged and about to be taken away when a murder of crows attacks the villagers. Aboard the Waverider, John Constantine has decided to join up with the team, but as a consultant. His requirements for...

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Witch Hunt’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview 'Witch Hunt' The Legends have a new problem on their hand since they opened the door to another realm and released Mallus. Now, the mythical are running amok. The Legends track down their latest "fugitive" and find themselves in Salem during the heart of the witch trails. Their target? A fairy godmother. But don't let her sunny disposition fool you. She's super evil. The godmother is attacking Salem, making innocent people look like witches. And for the second time in the series, Sara finds herself about...
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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season Premiere Recap ‘The Virgin Gary’

Legends of Tomorrow Season Premiere Recap 'The Virgin Gary' The Legends have finally done it. After returning Paul Revere to his correct position in time (and not announcing "The British are coming" while the Beatles arrive in the states), the Legends have successfully repaired the timeline. Their job complete, Ava has the Time Bureau throw them a party and presents them with metals (which they can't keep because time travel is a secret). Now, the Legends don't quite know what to do with themselves. Mick and Nate go off to...
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