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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Firebird’

Once Upon A Time is basically a crash course of what not to do while in a relationship, although, it weighs heavily on two important things… trust and love. I’d rather have trust without the love, because I’m a pessimist like that but let’s stay on track for just this once. Who am I kidding? That’ll never happen. These concepts are running wild in this episode, people are coming together that just shouldn’t come together, villains are being, ya know, villains, and so much more. Writer Jane Espenson finally brings...
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Ruby Slippers’

Once Upon A Time alum Meghan Ory is back this week (it’s about damn time, girl), and Ruby as arrived to bizzaro Storybrooke, unconscious and surrounded by the gang who have recently set up shop to stop Hades in the Underworld. We’re starting out this episode wondering why Ruby has been plopped back into this world? How she got there and so much more. We’re treated to some flashbacks featuring Dorothy (whom we met when Zelena came back into the picture as her arch nemesis) and we see Zelena stealing...
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Her Handsome Hero’

Once Upon A Time has its moments. It’s a solid show, but I often feel that having such an big ensemble, one that you don’t know what to do with cohesively can become a tad bit problematic in the long run. This week’s episode titled “Her Handsome Hero” (gag me with that title, y’all) touched upon many facets of the Once Upon A Time, I both love and hate. We’ve steered clear from last week’s development and have Emma at the forefront this time around. She has a vision in...
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Our Decay’

Once Upon A Time should just stick with its villains, because quite honestly, they’re the best damn thing about this show. I would watch a spinoff series in a heartbeat. And although I wasn’t originally a fan of Hades, I think that his dynamic with Zelena (yes, she’s back) was the most interesting thing about the entire episode. The entire season, actually. The biggest problem I continue having with the show (and subsequently complaining about) is that it has a crap ton of characters, and it doesn’t do anything with...
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap ‘The Brothers Jones’

Once Upon A Time has seemed to lost its way, a show that once captivated audiences, is falling a little bit short-- getting tripped up over itself and ultimately falling flat. Can it be redeemed? God, I hope so. What would life be like without the Charming’s, Evil Regina and Henry with some decent one-liners! For a show with good intentions, the goal is often missed. Like on this sub-par storyline revolving around defeating Hades and saving Killian. But, enough moaning. Let’s get to the episode. Cue Killian’s brother Liam,...
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap ‘Devils Due’

How far will Rumplestiltskin go this time in order to get home to his wife? Can he cheat the whole “magic comes with a price” mantra that Once Upon A Time has been drilling into our brains since Season 1? Doubtful. Everyone must be held accountable on this show, and we’re starting to see that in this episode. No one is immune to the rules. I like when shows have consequences, because without them-- what’s the point? Let’s kick things off with some cowardly dad flashbacks, because hey, we haven’t...
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