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‘Taken’ Recap & Review for Season Finale “I Surrender”

Photo by: NBCUniversal Bryan has learned this season that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. He never gets permission, but he always gets forgiven if his reckless behavior gets results. So in “I Surrender” Bryan goes AWOL after Mejia. In a series of quick leaps and bounds, Mejia, Asha, Bryan and the ODNI team end up on Mexico. We open with ODNI being briefed on Asha’s kidnapping. They finally know a little about Bryan’s personal life. Then we see Bryan hitching a ride on backroads. The woman who picks him up,...
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‘Taken’ Preview for April 17th “Leah”

Last week Taken had it's most intense episode yet. How intense did it get? Here's a little taste. To catch it before next week's episode go to In next week's episode, the team helps an Israeli agent who's the target of her own department, due to early onset Alzheimer's. (Nice huh? Years of dedication and they want to put you down when you're a little "off.") Photo by: Panagiotis Pantazidis/NBC Christina owns up to her own brain issues and Bryan and Asha have an argument. (An argument was bound to...
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