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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Fallen’

The dust has yet to settle in regards to the continuing controversy surrounding The 100, but in the words of Queen, “the show must go on.” And it effortlessly brought it’s A-game with this week’s episode titled “Fallen.” Número nueve was written by Charmaine DeGraté and Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and as much as I (generally) enjoy the overall writing of the show, I have to admit that this was probably the best written episode this season thus far, and had a whole lot of revelations jam-packed into its snug little timeslot....
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‘The 100’ Recap ‘Thirteen’

This might be the most incohesive review I’ve ever written on The 100, depending on the amount of times I’m forced to stop and sob into my meticulously crafted ‘I Love Polis’ hoodie, so bear with me. I challenge you fellow spectators and writers to go on this journey with me, as I navigate this whirlwind of emotions coursing through my veins post mortem. Now, as many of you might already be aware, “Thirteen” was not easily digestible for fans of Lexa. Myself included. It has taken me a good...