Tokyo Jeweler offers gold Darth Vader masks for $1.4M

Are you a HUGE Star Wars fan?  Do you want to be the proud owner of a truly priceless collectible like none other in this galaxy or a galaxy far, far away?  Do you have $1.4 million laying around, just burning a hole in your pocket?  Yes?  Then, have we got the PERFECT item for you! Photo: Getty Images A jewelry store in Tokyo, Japan is selling life-sized, Darth Vader masks made of pure 24-karat gold to all fans with a lot of spending change.  The masks measure 26.5 centimeters (10.4 inches)...

Pokemon Center Online Opens!

For the last few years, the only way to do online shopping from the Pokemon Center (from within Japan, of course) has been to pick from the select items listed on the Pokemon Center's official Amazon storefront. This system has been pretty good -- Amazon style service, fast shipping, the option to pay at convenience stores. So imagine our surprise this January, when posters started popping up in Pokemon Center/Stores saying that a new online store would be opening this February! At 10am JST today the store went live -...

Find All 60 Pikachu in Sunshine City!

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the Pokemon Center MegaTokyo’s new home in Ikebukuro (as well as Mega Evolving into the new “MegaTokyo” title), a special Pikachu scavenger hunt is being held in Sunshine City shopping center in Ikebukuro, Tokyo starting from today! Through March 13th, if you find all 60 Pikachu scattered throughout the shopping center and bring your completed activity sheet to either the Pokemon Center MegaTokyo store (2F) or the special kiosk (also on 2F), you can receive free gifts! For finding 10 Pikachu, you receive...

‘Pokemon’ Bread Gets Scrap-y!

Pokemon, in collaboration with various snack food companies in Japan, are gearing up to start their annual ‘Pokemon Scrap’ event. This year, being Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, we’re seeing a theme of nodding back to the original 151 Pokemon, as well as the upcoming Virtual Console releases of Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. Today we’re taking a look at the first snack foods participate — the infamous Pokemon Bread from Daiichi Pan. In lieu of the collectable stickers usually included in these bread products, the new “Strawberry Milk Cream Bread” (Eevee...
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