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Abby Lee Miller: “I Will No Longer Take Part in ‘Dance Moms'”

On Sunday, Abby Lee Miller announced that she will be resigning from her hit Lifetime show, Dance Moms.  Miller says she has been treated poorly over the past 7 seasons of the show and hasn't been given the credit she deserves for her pieces along with being manipulated and disrespected "by men who never took a dance lesson in their loves and treat women like dirt!” Miller announced her departure through an Instagram post. Despite everything that is happening with Miller's bankruptcy case, she says she is proud of what she...

Check Out Chris Pratt’s Hilarious ‘Jurassic World 2’ Diet Segment

Chris Pratt never fails to bring the laughs. In a video series titled "What's My Snack?", Chris takes us into his trailer on the set of Jurassic World 2 during one of the most important routines of the day: chow time. Unfortunately, the snacks sound and look unappetizing with names like Cacao Baobab Banana Chia, Sashimi, and Olive Oil Pistachio Cake, but Chris' reactions to them are guaranteed to make you laugh your butt off. Check them out below: Jurassic World 2 won't open in theaters until...
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Is ‘Dance Moms’ taking it’s Final Bow?

For seven seasons, the girls of Dance Moms have been charming their way into our hearts. With their grand jetés and pirouettes, words of wisdom and of course their ever so supportive teacher: Miss Abby Lee Miller. Throughout the seasons, we've seen Miller as the dictionary definition of tough love, and a role model both positively and negatively. But she has done great things for these girls and throughout all of the controversy, we can't deny that. I mean, who would've heard of Maddie Ziegler if it wasn't for Abby Lee Miller. But speaking of...

WATCH: Hugh Jackman Gets His Revenge Against Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman finally strikes back! The Australian actor took to Instagram yesterday to post a very humorous video of him impersonating his good friend Ryan Reynolds (while covering his face with a cutout mask of him) to celebrate Reynolds receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No stone was left unturned as Jackman gushed about "Ryan's" love for him, encouraged people to urinate on Ryan's section of the sidewalk and took a shot at Green Lantern. Watch the video below: Of course, Ryan wouldn't take that lying...

Karen Gillan joins Jumanji

Jumanji: a game for those who wish to find a way to leave their world behind. It's official, Doctor Who's own Karen Gillan is joining the cast of Jumanji. She will be playing Martha. Gillan was the perfect choice as she had enough "‘chutzpah.’ Guts, nerve and talent to stand her ground and hold her own," against the rest of the cast. At least that's what Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson thinks as he took to Instagram to announce the newest cast member. Read the sweet welcome message below! Gillan joins The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack...
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