Read. This. Now.- Hawkeye

Hello Geeklings, and welcome to what I'm hoping will be a new column for me over here at Fan Fest. I was recently thinking how to expand the Pull List and talk to you fine people about comics more and then it came to me. Just suggest things to read. This way you guys can hopefully get some ideas for new reading material and I can talk about comic books that I love. It really is a win win situation. #itsthelittlethings I'm thinking that this could be a weekly or...

The Pull List 3/23/16

Can I kick it (yes you can) Can I kick it (yes you can) Fellow Geeklings welcome to the Pull List, where we're kicking it in honor of Phife Dawg, one of the legendary members of A Tribe Called Quest. It has not been a good year for musical icons, has it? A Tribe Called Quest were hip hop pioneers, and worthy of celebration. My suggestion is grab your books for the week, put on Midnight Maruders, and kick back (yes you can). Now let's break down the week in...

More Civil War II Teasers

With the promise of a new Captain America: Civil War trailer tomorrow (eeeeeeeeeee) it only makes sense that Marvel continues it's teaser campaign for this summers Civil War II. Since last weeks post Marvel has been leaking images to Comic Book Resources and Ign Comics almost daily. I would imagine that the characters being chosen are going to be key players, and if that's the case then I'm pretty pleased with the way things are shaping up. We know that Iron Man and Captain Marvel will be heading the respective...
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