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Read J.K. Rowling’s Original Pitch for ‘Harry Potter’ that 12 Publishers Turned Down

J.K.  Rowling's journey to find a publisher for a little book series she had written is one of inspiration and hope for aspiring writers or anyone with an idea or a dream they believe in. It's hard to imagine that one of the most popular literary series, and cinematic successes, to date, almost didn't happen. In fact, Rowling was turned down by 12 different publishing houses for her Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone pitch before independent publisher Bloomsbury took a leap of faith on the boy who lived and bought it. It's...

‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Soon Be Able to Buy Butterbeer Donuts

Every once in a while, a new food concoction comes along that just sounds like the most perfect and delicious treat in the entire world and this brand new donut flavor is no exception!  Imagine, if you will, just how deliciously satisfying a Harry Potter inspired butterbeer donut would taste.  Can you picture it?  If you're having some difficulties, no need to worry because you can actually try a butterbeer flavored donut thanks to one bakery food chain on the East coast. Sugar Shack Donuts has several locations throughout Virginia, Florida and...

Darren Criss Just Covered a ‘Les Misérables’ Classic and Of Course, It’s Amazing

It goes without saying that Darren Criss is extremely talented. He totally crushed it as Blaine Anderson on Glee (I fully believe that he saved that show) and then went on to headline Hedwing and the Angry Inch on Broadway to sold out theaters every night. Now he's in his own band with his brother, Chuck and they are killing the summer song game. What you may not know is that Darren Criss first hit the scene while he was in college. Criss and his friends from the University of Michigan co-founded the musical...
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