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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.07 “Right Play”

Emotions run high in Bosch season 3 episode 7 as Hollywood Division closes in on the bad guys. Let's talk Maddie talks to her dad about plans for the Christmas holiday that will soon be upon them. She laments not having snow in the places she has grown up, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Harry seems distracted and Maddie inquires if he is concerned about talking to Internal Affairs about the recent 128 complaint. He brushes it off as more of a waste of time than anything else. Harry later sits down...
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BOSCH: Your “unofficial” character guide

Bosch is a compelling series that does not spoon feed its viewers. The plotlines are complex and the characters are numerous. Viewers are tasked with making connections and catching clues as plotlines weave in and out of one another. It can be a little challenging to figure out who's who, especially if you are not a reader of the Michael Connelly novels on which the series is based.  But the investment is well worth it. As fans you are rewarded with getting to know beloved characters and feeling like you are...
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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.04 “El Compadre”

Bosch moves full steam ahead with episode 3.04 "El Compadre". It's chock-full of confrontation, some of it deadly. Is Bosch a suspect? Robertson struggles with how to proceed with his doubts about Bosch's involvement in the Ed Gunn case. He bends the ear of a former colleague named Terry. Terry suggests that Jimmy get the suspicions about Bosch out in the open without tying it to himself directly. And what do you know? Billets gets a call from the Times reporter inquiring about a tip suggesting that Bosch is under investigation....
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