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Jada Pinkett Smith returning to ‘Gotham’

Jada Pinkett Smith will return to Gotham, Variety has confirmed. Fish Mooney (a.k.a. Jada Pinkett Smith) is officially set to return in the second half of the season. Although they won’t say how she will return. The last time that we saw Fish, was when she fell to her death into the waters of Gotham harbor, heavily wounded by a gunshot during the finale of season 1. Just a quick reminder: Ben McKenzie said that no one has really ‘died’ yet. Which only fuels the fire of curiosity that they are giving us. Gotham will resume Monday, February 29th....
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‘Gotham’ Promises ‘Rise of the Villains’ in Season 2

Season 1 of Fox’s hit series Gotham did an amazing job of laying the ground work for what seems to be one of the best new-ish series out there. It was strong in character development and gave great back story to those characters we grew up with. It even brought in a character (Fish Mooney played by the exquisite Jada Pinkett-Smith) that we were not so familiar with and quickly put viewers in a love/hate relationship with her. The great thing about this series is it abolishes the campy cartoon...
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