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Actresses Will Wear Black to Protest Sexual Harassment at the 75th Golden Globes Awards

When news broke of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault against multiple people in the business, a floodgate was broken. Not only did more women, and men, in the industry find a platform to discuss their own sexual harassment (many having tried before) but the public was presented with an idea they could no longer ignore. Sexual harassment happens, it's not something that dark and harrowing novels and films are just written about. That's why women (and some men) in Hollywood are taking a stand at one of the most publicized events of...

Motivation Monday: Celebrities Share bits of Wisdom

Sometimes we need a bit of extra motivation to get our week started. From that venti coffee from Starbucks to the lunchtime turned powernap - it's a bit hard to get back in the game when Monday rolls around. Sometimes it's equally as hard to find some proper motivation to get our minds in order. We've found that reading some inspirational, motivational, and positive quotes help us a bit, so we wanted to share some with you as well. This week, we took some of the advice celebs give to...
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