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‘Arrow’: Season 6 will break Diggle Physically and Emotionally

In the Season 5 finale of Arrow, John Diggle was one of several people who were trapped on Lian Yu with no clear path for escape. Based off of the Season 6 trailer which was released at SDCC, it would seem as though the chances for survivors is very small. In a press conference at Comic-Con International, David Ramsey confirmed that Diggle does, make it off the island alive, but he will be an extremely broken man when he returns to Star City. When Ramsey was asked about Diggle’s greatest challenge going into Season...
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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Brotherhood’

“My brother needed me. The green one,” -John Diggle, Arrow   Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 was directed by James Bamford, and the ratings soared even higher this week than they have been. Being Bamford’s first time directing, his work was certainly impressive to say the least. After working on the set for many years, he was finally given the opportunity to debut as a director for the TV series. Mr. Bamford’s work was outstanding. The episode started off at a quick pace, with Team Arrow attempting to disrupt the...
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‘Arrow’ Season 3 Catch-up

Season 3 of Arrow certainly started off on a bold note, with the death of The Canary in the season premiere ‘The Calm". A daring move that sets the tone for the season, showing viewers that the writers and producers of Arrow are not afraid to take risks; and aim to throw some major curveballs our way. The mystery of who murdered Sara Lance kept the momentum of the show going, keeping viewers watching and kept viewers guessing as to who it could have been. It most certainly was the...