The Pull List 3/16/16

Fellow Geeklings!!! Not only is today the best day of the week, #yaynewcomics, but it just so happens to fall on the best obscure holiday ever, National Stone Cold Steve Austin Day (it's 3/16 kids!)!! I'm not sure if this an actual holiday but it should be. So Geeklings, crack open a Steveweiser and give me a "Hell Yeah" as it's time to break down the best books of the week. On a personal level my Pull List is a bit light this week after getting hit pretty hard last...

The Pull List 3/9/16

Hello fellow Geeklings and welcome to this weeks edition of The Pull List! Since I've gone all digital with my books (I'm not sure if this is a comic book crime or not but it makes reading them so much easier, and helps with storage. Not to mention I have all these comics at my finger tips. Thank you Comixolo gy!) I get emails every Thursday letting me know which one of my books are coming out the following week. This week just so happened to be a pretty big...
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