Fan Fest Exclusive Interview: Actor Ric Morgan Discusses New Film “Imago” and Law Enforcement Roots

After spending the bulk of his career working in law enforcement, Ric Morgan made the jump to the entertainment industry as an actor/producer. Using knowledge gained during his years in his former career, Morgan is now working on IMAGO which examines the societal issues regarding sex trafficking. Fan Fest: What motivated the transition from law enforcement to acting? Ric Morgan: It was Serendipity, actually. Some years ago I concluded that the arc of my star at the Sheriff's Office had long ago passed its apogee, and I knew I had to...

‘Perfect Strangers’ Stars Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker Reunite After 25 Years

Do you remember the popular 80's sitcom Perfect Strangers?  Sure you do!  The show followed the lovable set of miss-matched cousins Larry and Balki.  Larry Appleton (played by Mark Linn-Baker), was an American with a corporate job living in Chicago, Illinois. Balki Bartokomous (played by Bronson Pinchot) was from the Greek Island of Mypos and was Larry's long-lost cousin who, unbeknownst to Larry, came to live with him in Chicago. The pair were definitely complete opposites but, that made for hilarious 80's humored television on a show that ran for an impressive...
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