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‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Preview ‘Chapter 10’ Lana Winters returns in the final episode of Roanoke and, I gotta say, I’m pretty shocked at how clever the intertwining of this season and Asylum actually is! An elderly Lana will be interviewing Lee whom she describes as “one of provocative and polarizing figures of our time.” These words are coupled with images of Lee sitting through court proceedings. So, what does that mean for Lee? Will she be on trial for all of those murders? And how will the ghostly presence at the Big Shaker Mountain play...

Celebrities React to President-Elect Donald Trump

As the results of election night began to roll in starting yesterday evening, people in the United States, and all over the world, were biting their nails, scratching their heads, and sitting in - quite frankly - bewilderment as the grey map of the US kept adding to it states filled with the color red. While politics and religion are two topics most people stay away from, today, a number of celebrities voiced their opinions as they navigated their emotions after Donald Trump was named our President-elect. While their opinions...
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