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Leave Your Red Balloon at the Door Because Bill Skarsgård is About to Star in a New Thriller

We may all be anxiously awaiting for the IT sequel to start filming, but Pennywise is turning in his creepy clown outfit and red balloon for the time being as Bill Skarsgård is set to star in a new thriller titled Villains alongside It Follows star Maika Monore. The film, which was featured on the 2016 Black List, will certainly have you wondering what it is to be a villain as a "pair of amateur criminals (Skarsgård & Monroe) break into a suburban home, only to stumble upon a young girl chained in the basement and two...

Alexander Skarsgård Got a Terrible New Haircut and of Course, Is Pulling It Off

No matter how hard the Skarsgård brothers try, they just cannot look bad. Bill's recent turn as the terrifying Pennywise the clown in It only made people more attracted to him. honestly he's kinda cute — maggie (@marcosIorna) September 10, 2017 Now, Alexander is taking a whack at it. He was recently spotted at the Louis Vitton event in New York rocking a new and very terrible haircut. Skarsgård is currently filming a Wall Street drama titled The Hummingbird Project so it's safe to say he is certainly getting into character. Twitter, of...
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