[LISTEN] Emma Watson Sings as Belle

Credit: Disney Emma Watson first captivated moviegoers’ imaginations as the smartest witch at Hogwarts, Hermione Granger. Now she’ll be capturing hearts as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, set to hit theatres in March. It begs the question: is there anything its lead actress can’t do? Watson has just proved she is the total package: beauty, intellect, and she can sing. A snippet of Watson singing “Something There,” was posted to the movie’s official Instagram page. Check it out below!:
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Ruby Slippers’

Once Upon A Time alum Meghan Ory is back this week (it’s about damn time, girl), and Ruby as arrived to bizzaro Storybrooke, unconscious and surrounded by the gang who have recently set up shop to stop Hades in the Underworld. We’re starting out this episode wondering why Ruby has been plopped back into this world? How she got there and so much more. We’re treated to some flashbacks featuring Dorothy (whom we met when Zelena came back into the picture as her arch nemesis) and we see Zelena stealing...