Behind The Video: The Nightly Nerd w/ Bailey Hyneman

Nick: Alright, lets get down to the nitty gritty…who’s your favorite superhero? Why? Bailey: Wonder Woman. Because, who run the world? Girls. Nick: Did you just quote Beyonce? Bailey: I did. I think Beyonce should have her own superhero. Nick: What would her superhero name be? She obviously can’t go by ‘Beyonce.’ Everyone would know her true identity. Bailey: Uh….'Yonce. Nick: What’s an internet meme that you last obsessed over? Bailey: Oh! I love the “YAS KWEEN” memes. I just discovered it and I literally walk around my apartment saying...

Fan Fest Originals: Down ‘N Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy (Episode 101)

It excites me to present to you our brand new original series: Down 'N Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy. Kyla Kenedy (The Walking Dead) interviews some of hollywoods finest in this exclusive series utilizing improvisational and situational comedy. Everything you're seeing is completely unscripted and on-the- spot. On our debut episode, Kyla interviews fan-favorite, Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead). The two talk all things hair, behind the scenes and have a spelling contest.   Do wn 'N Dirty w/ Kyla Kenedy. Mondays 6/5 c....

Behind The Video: Spoiler Alert w/ Andy D

With the launch and premier of’s first original video, Spoiler Alert, director Nick Floyd decided to sit down with Andy D to discuss the inception of the idea, the writing process and other geeky stuff. NICK: Tell me a little bit about Andy D and V. ANDY D: I’m Andy D, and ‘V’ is my wife Victoria. A couple musicians who are a couple. We’ve toured the entire country . We’ve toured full time for about 3 years, went to Europe twice (with the band Electric Six) and...

Fan Fest Originals: Spoiler Alert (Exclusive Premiere) is more than just an entertainment news is home to a plethora of original content that will roll out over the course of each year. I'm super excited to premiere our FIRST EVER original song/music video created in collaboration with Indianapolis-based rapper/party extraordinaire: Andy D. *THIS SONG/VIDEO DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS*   Ch eck back tomorrow for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Andy D....
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HBO releases ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailer

Can we really expect something this far from the premiere that’s more detailed from the folks over at HBO for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones? Nope. This is it – 40 seconds of cryptic images flashing before your eyes and haunting words spoken as the footage rolls. Season 6 isn’t due to air on HBO until April 2016, but that doesn’t stop us from continuing to jump on any new piece of footage they throw at us. So, for that reason, here is a breakdown of what the...
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