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‘iZombie’ Recap: ‘Method Head’

Liv Moore is back! And the midseason premiere was definitely worth the wait. The episode got a little meta after Liv ate the brains of an actor on the set of Zombie High, a TV series within iZombie that was hilarious to say the least. It was an enjoyable hour of TV and I can’t wait to share with you all the juicy tidbits. Ravi and Liv are the real MVP’s of tonight’s episode, their dynamic is probably my favorite to watch. The friendship continues to be cheery, funny and...

‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap ‘Swan Song’

Hook is finally attempting to finish his quest of getting revenge against the crocodile, you know, that mission he was on when we first saw him oh so long ago. Dark Hook doesn’t really care who he takes down in the process, and this episode. Carron, Storybrooke’s local ferryman to the Underworld (why is this even a thing) has marked Henry and his family (which is basically the whole town) and they’re about to go on a one-way trip to Hades. Rumple, who is never any help… like ever, tells...
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