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Arrow ‘Sins of the Father’ Recap

“Use that hate to do what needs to be done. You have to kill Malcolm Merlyn,” -John Diggle I have to say that after all the episodes this season, ‘Sins of the Father’ has got to be, hands down, my favorite episode. It had a consistent flow of action, and the story-line itself was phenomenal. There was not a point or time when I was not on the edge of my seat, and I mean that literally. For the majority of the episode I was on the edge of my...
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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Physician, Heal Thy Selfie”

  I actually really enjoyed this episode. When I sat down to watch I was feeling a little meh and I was like, come on, I can’t take tonight’s episode if it’s going to be a total mishmosh. But it was exceptional. I think that we’re finally getting to the meat of things and the stakes have risen to a point where there might actually be consequences for people’s actions. Oh, who would have thunk! This week Liv is void of brains (for the start of the episode anyway) when...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Moo Shoo To Go

Trying to speak for all Shadowhunters fans is a dangerous thing, but one thing that the entire fanbase can probably agree on is that it’s nice to see the show finally able to keep up its momentum from week to week. Episode 4 was a solid ride from start to finish, and this week’s offering, “Moo Shoo To Go,” is no slouch either. New characters, new relationships, and new one-liners make this a high week for just about everyone. No episode is ever perfect, and this one has its low...
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Arrow ‘Unchained’ Recap

After many months of seeing Facebook photos, tweets on Twitter, and hearing the rumors on the panels at Heroes and Villains fanfest, Colton Haynes finally returned to the set of Arrow. Not only did we get Roy back, but we also were in for a treat with the return of Nyssa Al Ghul. Earlier in Season 4, Malcolm sent Nyssa to the leagues version of prison after she destroyed the Lazarus Pit. Nyssa appeared nothing short of relentless, the only thing on her mind- revenge. Welcome back, Nyssa! You were...
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‘The 100’ Recap: ‘Ye Who Enter Here’

This article contains full spoilers of the episode. I’m declaring this episode the best hour on TV to date. Kim Shumway, who wrote “Ye Who Enter Here” has done an impeccable job at capturing my attention and leaving me on the ground gasping for air. The Ice Nation is ruthless? No, Kim Shumway is. Everything hurts and I’m dead, speaking of dead, did you see that explosion? And I’m not just talking about the sexual tension between the leading ladies… but dude, an actual explosion! More on that later… I...
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