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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Brotherhood’

“My brother needed me. The green one,” -John Diggle, Arrow   Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 was directed by James Bamford, and the ratings soared even higher this week than they have been. Being Bamford’s first time directing, his work was certainly impressive to say the least. After working on the set for many years, he was finally given the opportunity to debut as a director for the TV series. Mr. Bamford’s work was outstanding. The episode started off at a quick pace, with Team Arrow attempting to disrupt the...
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‘iZombie’ Recap ‘Abra Cadaver’

This week’s episode was uninspiring, with very little overall story arc continuity and although the procedural aspect of iZombie’s latest installment was interesting at best I was left feeling fragmented from last week’s illuminated storyline. On “Abra Cadaver” Liv and gang tries to find out who was responsible for an emo magician’s murder, and there’s a twist you didn’t see coming… at least I didn’t see it coming. It was all work and no play for the folks over at iZombie this go around, and I was left with an...
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