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‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Recap ‘Battle Royale’

As the season nears its end, we’re coming to understand that to sacrifice is to love. So far, we’ve seen Alex sacrifice her own human existence to be with Holden, John sacrifice his passion for murder to rekindle his familial bonds, and Donovan sacrifice his dignity for one more shot with The Countess. But this episode showed us different kinds of sacrifices. As Iris and Liz Taylor unleash their wrath on The Countess, Donovan jumps in front of the gunfire to save her. What makes this such an interesting event...
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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Childish Things’

Supergirl Preview 'Childish Things' Supergirl returns after a week off with a dark turn of events. Winn’s father has escaped from prison, and he is a really bad guy. He was originally incarcerated for creating bombs out of toys and blowing people up. Wow. Winn turned out relatively normal and cheery for someone whose father is the equivalent of Trickster and the Joker. His villain name, by the way, is Toyman, and he breaks out of prison with a death yo-yo. Kara vows to put Winn’s father back in prison,...
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‘The 100’ Season 3 Trailer revealed

The CW’s sci-fi series The 100 has gained quite a following since its season 1 premiere back in 2014, and the critical attention shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The underdog of The CW has quickly amassed a large and passionate fan base that rivals even the most rabid of TV supporters. For those who need a refresher on what exactly this dystopian series is all about before its season 3 premiere January 21, 2016, read on. But be warned, spoilers ahead for the first two seasons...
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