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Will the Emerald Archer meet the Girl of Steel?

Now that we have seen pictures of Grant Gustin in costume on the set of Supergirl the big question is will we see Stephen Amell don the hood in National City? The duality of the two characters would be a gift to behold; even though Oliver has turned over a new leaf and is trying to be a better version of himself inherently he is still on the cynical side, where Kara sees the best in every person. Plus if Oliver is there we have to hope Diggle is there...
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Better Call Saul “Amarillo”

Careful full spoilers ahead... Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. One of the toughest things about watching Better Call Saul is the bittersweet nature of it. On the one hand Jimmy McGill is completely likable, well in the "I would totally get a drink with that guy" kind of way. Better Call Saul plays up the underdog card pretty well, but the unfortunate thing is we the audience already knows where this train is docking. Yet it doesn't make it any less compelling to watch. This weeks episode, Amarillo, saw Jimmy continue...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Bad Blood

The last few episodes have moved so fast that it’s a wonder Freeform isn’t fielding complaints of whiplash from viewers. Episode 8 offers a break from trying to keep up with a racing plot, but doesn’t ease up on the emotional rollercoaster side of things. Instead, viewers are treated to an hour akin to watching 1000 dominos be lined up. The smallest unskilled movement could bring it all crashing down, but the anticipation of the inevitable collapse is exhilarating. There’s so many plot pieces carefully placed here- hearts on the...
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