Wonder Woman in Training

It has now been 15 hours since I saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice! I am still over the moon about a lot of things, particularly how perfect Wonder Woman was. This week EW showed everyone a look at a younger Wonder Woman than we meet in Dawn of Justice. The picture included three more incredibly fierce looking Amazons. Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta who is being played by Connie Nielsen and two aunts who are her military heads. Robin Wright will be playing General Antiope while Lisa Loven Konsli...

Stephen and Robbie Amell Launch Campaign for ‘CODE 8’

What is Code 8, you may ask? About a year ago, Stephen and Robbie came together after working on the first Flash/Arrow crossover episode and discussed the possibility of working on a project together. Following this, the idea for Code 8 was born. The film sets us in the near future, and 4% of the population are endowed with various types of powers. Because of this, the police force have become militarized and have been equipped with high tech equipment, robots and drones to help them keep the peace and...
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