FANFEST EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nick Thune talks his comedy and his new Stand-up ‘Good Guy’

Nick Thune is a comedian / actor, who hails from the Seattle, where he spent his early years growing up. Nick's absurdist view and deadpan wit combined with the soothing lull of his guitar, have distinguished his unique style of comedy. Esquire raves "Nick Thune is the truth and people continue to bear witness. Also, he doesn't have any diseases." His first hour stand-up special Nick Thune: Folk Hero premiered on Netflix in February 2014, with naming it one of the best specials of the year and Paste Magazine...
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Fan Fest Exclusive: ‘Z Nation’ Newcomer Sydney Viengluang on Acting, Sci-Fi Fans, and Being Asian-American in Hollywood

The third season of SyFy’s Z Nation may have already come to a close, but one vision that’s sure to stick with viewers for months to come is that of newcomer Sydney Viengluang. As Dr. Sun Mei, Viengluang set the show ablaze with the power of her on screen presence. Episode after episode, Viengluang colored Sun Mei with strengths and vulnerabilities that made her character’s arc and humanity-saving mission all the more believable. And it’s this unique ability to infuse a character with a sense of complexity and realism that...
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Fan Fest Exclusive: Actress Hannah Kasulka Talks Being Possessed in Fox’s ‘The Exorcist’

It’s impossible to talk about horror as a genre without mentioning The Exorcist. The 1973 film scared a generation with its head-spinning tale of demonic possession. And now, 43 years later, Fox has spun it in a different direction, custom-made for our televisions. Although Fox’s The Exorcist has been largely under the radar for most of its first season, it’s gained a solid and dedicated following. The show chronicles the Rance family---led by Geena Davis and Alan Ruck---as they navigate the demonic presence that completely devastates their family dynamic. And at...
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Fan Fest Exclusive: Fiona Dourif on ‘Dirk Gently’ and Why Bart is Her Favorite Character

It’s hard not to notice Fiona Dourif in BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Among a cast of outlandish characters, hers is perhaps the most otherworldly. Dourif plays Bart Curlish, a so-called holistic assassin who kills on instinct and trusts that the universe will aptly guide her murderous hand. Dubbed the “delete key of the universe,”  Bart is often predatory and always purposeful. But underneath all that is what many would describe as a vulnerable and almost childlike character who longs for all the same things us non-assassins do....
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Fan Fest Exclusive: ‘Dirk Gently’ Star Osric Chau Gives Insight into Vogle and the Rowdy 3

Any loyal fan of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency will tell you that the show would be incomplete without the Rowdy 3. This group of eccentric, energy-consuming "vampires" is a core part of the fabric that makes Dirk Gently such a weird and wonderfully enjoyable piece of television. And Osric Chau, whose character Vogle makes up one-fourth of the Rowdy 3, is key in bringing that dynamic to life. Chau is a familiar face to Sci-Fi fans. Over the years, we’ve all come to know him as Kevin Tran on Supernatural....
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‘Wynonna Earp’ Star Katherine Barrell Talks Hallmark’s A Nutcracker Christmas, Season Two and Empowering Women Worldwide

Katherine Barrell has quickly become known as Officer Haught, the Waverly-wooing, revenant fighting, bulletproof badass on SyFy’s Wynonna Earp, but this holiday season Barrell is trading in her Western ways for something Hallmark fans will rejoice at: A Nutcracker Christmas! The two hour feature premieres December 10, 2016 and stars Person of Interest’s Amy Acker (Lily), Sascha Radetsky (Mark), and Sophia Lucia (Sadie), and follows the story of a woman’s childhood dream of dancing in the New York Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Barrell is no stranger to warming the hearts of...
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Fan Fest Exclusive: Adina Porter Talks Taking Center Stage on ‘American Horror Story’

If you’ve had a watchful eye on television over the last several years, you know well who Adina Porter is. You’ve seen her on The 100, True Blood, The Newsroom, and countless other shows that have made their way onto your screen. More recently, though, she’s been stirring up a whole lot of trouble on the infamously gory and gruesome American Horror Story. And we here at Fan Fest have enjoyed every single minute of it! This season Porter stepped into the role of Lee Harris, a down-on-her-luck mother who...
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