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Writer, interviewer, fan artist in metro Atlanta. Always ready to talk TV and movies. Wife, mom, special needs advocate. Site owner for and co-host of the Talk Colony, TNTtalk, and Everybody Counts podcasts!
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Trivia Quiz: How well do you know ‘OZARK’ on Netflix?

Find out how well you know Ozark on Netflix! Marty Byrde and family make a sudden move to the Lake of the Ozarks. They meet a colorful cast of new characters and face a variety of obstacles during their summer on the lake. The intrigue of Ozark may tempt viewers to binge their way through the Netflix series. But a second watch may be required to pick up all the details. How much do you remember from Ozark season 1? Test your knowledge here!...
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‘BOSCH’: Season 4 Timeline

When Bosch returned to us for season 3, approximately 16 months had passed since our last Harry sighting. But it sounds like the new season will pick up quite a bit sooner than that. Heroic detective Jerry Edgar was shot by sniper Xavi Moreno while leaving his house in season 3. Thankfully, Edgar survived the nearly fatal gunshot wound. But how is he doing? Jamie Hector who plays Edgar recently shared some videos on Instagram with makeup artist Gabriel De Cunto recreating the wound for season 4 filming. Jamie...
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‘BOSCH’: Filming begins for Season 4, photos shared

Michael Connelly shared on his website that filming for the fourth season of  Amazon's original series Bosch began on July 27th. Fans can visit the author's website to get updates, photos, notes from the author, and more. He announced the start of filming for Bosch season 4 on his website today. "Filming began on season 4 today in Los Angeles. Season 4 will continue the unfinished plot lines from season 3 and will pull elements from Angels Flight." - Michael Connelly The author and Bosch executive producer also shared photos here...
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‘COLONY’: Network teases fans with new revelations, old mysteries

Fans of Colony were recently treated to some new reveals about season 3 and challenged to find answers still waiting for them in season 2. USA Network recently posted new intel on the Colony website that was gleaned from the recent Colony Panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Click here for the full post and read on for the highlights of what the network had to share. The Colony panel was comprised of lead actors Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as well as fan favorites Peter Jacobson and Tory Kittles....
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BOSCH: Investigation of S3 finale “The Sea King”

The Bosch season 3 finale brings down one killer, brings back a familiar face, and brings up new doubts. Outwitted Everyone loves to see Harry Bosch closing in on the bad guy. And he did just that with ruthless, greedy Trevor Dobbs. Dobbs thought he had outsmarted everyone, including those under his own command. With Woody and Xavi out of the way, Trevor attempts to close in on Woody's share of the stolen money. Trevor tracks the money to one of Woody's surfing sites, Alamos Cove on Santa Cruz island....
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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.09 “Clear Shot”

The good guys pull together and the bad guys turn on themselves in Bosch episode 3.09 "Clear Shot". First of all, I am thrilled that I was wrong in my suspicion that Edgar would not survive the "clear shot" from vengeful sniper Xavi Moreno. And I have to give a shout out to director Stephen Gyllenhaal on how beautifully the opening sequence was shot. Yes, it was a very tense scene as fellow officers rescued Jerry Edgar, but the display of loyalty, commitment, and bravery by his brothers in blue was...
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