Tara Martinez

Tara Martinez

Tara Martinez is a New York-based writer with a passion for pop culture and a penchant for analysis. She frequently covers film, television, and representations of women in the media.
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‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Recap: ‘Abandoned!’

Last week’s Feud taught us all about Hagsploitation. And this week, we got to see it in action. By definition, Hagsploitation demands that a woman of a certain age and stature must suffer. Cue in Joan Crawford... Now that Bette Davis has creative control over the production of Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte, all Crawford has to do is act. Simple enough, right? Not so fast. Still reeling from the conflicts of their last picture Baby Jane, Davis and Crawford take the opportunity to go at it yet again. The difference this...
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‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Recap: ‘More, or Less’

The latest episode of Feud sees our stars essentially falling flat on their faces. Now that production on Baby Jane has wrapped, Crawford and Davis are on the hunt for the next great role. The problem? They’re simply too old to snag it. We start the episode on Davis, who’s been reassigned to a younger, less experienced agent. As she inquires about any film offers, the agent prompts her to consider roles in television. But Davis ain’t having it. In a bold (and perhaps, petty move) she places an ad...
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Exclusive Q&A with Thomas Barbusca of Fox’s ‘The Mick’

If you’ve tuned into your television over the last few years, you’ve seen Thomas Barbusca somewhere. This fresh-faced young actor has graced our screens on shows like American Horror Story, Wet Hot American Summer, and Grey’s Anatomy. And if you’re a Geico commercial fan, you’ll remember him as the hilarious Peter Pan that drops in on his classmates’ high school reunion. Most recently though, Barbusca’s been busy with his new hit comedy The Mick which is currently in its first season on Fox. I had a chance to chat with...
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